Boy with Train

This figure was modelled on my Grandson. I love the way he can sit between his heels so comfortably while concentrating on what he is doing.

In cold-cast bronze he is £560 and he sits about 14 inches tall (35cm)

Garden Sculpture.

All the cold-cast sculptures are frost-proof enough to stand outdoors in a British winter. they came through -14F in 2010/11 here.

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I hope you find this website gives an impression of the work I produce in both my cast pieces and my carving.

I enjoy both disciplines equally but the carving is so time- intensive that there are not enough hours in the day, or days left in a lifetime, to do all I would like.

The cast pieces start life in clay, usually with a live model and photographs.

When the original is finished I make a mould of it.

The casts can be made in bronze, iron, copper or aluminium powder in a resin binder.

Chickens in cold-cast bronze.

My chickens are a hit with everyone. If your garden is unsuitable for keeping hens or if your live hens would like some more company, buy hens, cockerels or baby chicks.

The adults stand 18 inches (45cm) and cost £115 The babies are £45

Patinated cold-cast bronze.

 I usually patinate the chickens to produce the green/blue verdigris which appears naturally on bronze which is kept outside. A plain polished black finish can be done to order.

The verdigris

The legs of the chickens are solid stainless steel which are pushed into the ground. When you mow the grass you can just lift them and pop them back in different family groups or in another part of the garden.

See them catch the sun from your window as you breakfast or they can keep you company whilst you hoe the onions.....and they won't scratch up the lettuces!