Cast Sculpture

Most of the sculpture is cold-cast in bronze but can be produced in other metals and finishes to order. We patinate the bronze in a dark brown finish or can verdegris the brown with an attractive green of weathered bronze before wax polishing.

The Iron sculpture is normally rusted which gives a beautiful colour suited to animal subjects or things meant to look ancient.

Girl with Hare

A girl sits motionless and tries to entice a hare to come closer. They hold each other's gaze and make the viewer hold his breath.

The pair of them together cost £596 and she sits about 16 ins.(40cm).

By public demand the hare is available for £98.

Girl Reading

Having found a quiet spot, my girl is so engrossed in her book, one can creep really close before she looks up

She costs £460 and sits about 18ins (45cm)

Boy with Rabbit

A boy in our village likes to help his Grandad with his chores. He is entrusted with holding the rabbit while it's cage is cleaned.

The figure stands 3ft 6ins.(120cm)

and costs £500

He comes with a metal plate under his feet for stability in soil (as shown) or can be mounted on stone if he is to stand on a hard surface at a small extra cost.

As in the picture above, I can 'green' Jim the Jack Russell

her skirt, shoes and cardigan for A dear old friend of the family

contrast. He costs £240 in bronze

Life size